The place of Indian women in a family and in society is very well defined: her limitations and her allowances are shaped by common rules. Despite those strict rules Indian women have been presenting their independence, power and freedom. The situation of an average Indian woman depends on many factors: religion, background, financial situation, status of both her family and a family of her husband – to enumerate a few. All these factors lead us to conclusion the Indian culture is very complex. It consists of various cultures derived from different sources while the main source of Indian culture lies in Hinduism and its’ tradition. As a consequence all other Indian religions and believes adopted the same structure of society as Hinduism. The adopted structure of society clearly defines the role of Indian woman and Indian man. Read More …

Indian GDP – the tool in a political game

In November 2018 information on recalculated GDP in India was published. GDP recalculation is well known process in the world’s economic history however in India it happened for the second time during the last 4 years. This is exactly the time under the rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party (Bharatiya Janata Party). The valid point in the discussion is what GDP brings to people’s lives and whether its recalculation changes should be taken into consideration at all, and most of all, whether GDP may be used as a weapon in a political game.